LYNX SH-10B Android MID laptop

Monday, September 27, 2010

The question seems to revolve around a messaging application and how entries were recorded in the contacts, depending on how recipients are put into a new message, it could not be sent or – more worryingly – sent to the wrong person. NTT DoCoMo working on a fix, but it should not happen before the end of September.
Buggy Sharp DoCoMo LYNX SH-10B Android MID
To be fair, however, it is not like the bug will effect many people. The carrier has confirmed the sale of some units LYNX 7000 SH-10B between its release in Japan on July 23 and today.
Looks like NTT DoCoMo are not having much luck Sharp HS-10B MID LYNX Android. The company has frozen the sale of the QWERTY handheld a week ago, after discovering a security flaw that could allow malware to harvest text, then settled on an update that apparently has fixed the flaw and leave only the carrier put the SH-10B on sale from tomorrow. Now it is changed again, with the discovery of a bug also in the MID.