DON 2 Movie Views and Reviews.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The chase of cat and mouse is definitely exiting and thrilling for individuals and they love watching things which excite them and keep them interested in learning who is going to win the race finally. Back in year 2006, Farhan Akhtar considered remaking the DON produced in year 1978 and put together ‘Don – The Chase Begins Again. Down the line he made a decision to make the story ahead and after that made the sequel by subtracting the story to a next level by building an amazing potential storyline and exceptional action work that became useful in impressing the audiences and doing something which is more than original.
The main Cast of Don 2 includes
• Shahrukh Khan
• Lara Dutta
• Priyanka Chopra,
• Om Puri,
• Boman Irani,
• Kunal Kapoor
• The film has been directed by Farhan Akhtar
• Shahrukh Khan, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar are producing the film.
• Shankar Ehsaan Loy directing the songs and the lyrics are by Javed Akhtar
Don 2 – The Chase Continues is surely a creative and modern concept as DON are going to be appearing in lots of different forms that contain never proven ever before. Furthermore, the film is going to be obtainable in both 2D along with 3D formats along with than Hindi it will be available in languages including Tamil and Telugu.

In the prior version, DON has been dealing with the underworld gangs and goons of underworld in Malaysia. Alternatively, in the sequel, now DON has moved ahead and considering overtaking the entire European Mafia. For this reason, he decides for taking over the European bosses and gang-lords to get through his mission and rule the full European underworld mafia and simultaneously escaping the law enforcement agencies. The film has been comprehensively shot in the region of Switzerland and Germany.

Farhan Akhtar considered making the sequel while was remaking the initial version and the man announced it already. Nevertheless, both Shahrukh and Farhan are actually occupied using their other commitments and for that reason the project was delayed. Shahrukh Khan has additionally been working on his physique when he had to resemble a DON and so he has had time to develop perfect abdominals. The very first trailer of DON 2 was decisively released online and it surely could receive a good positive response using more than 2 million hits in just 3 weeks timeline.

Let’s wait and watch how the movie happens to be. As people around the world are excited to view the sequel and hopefully they’ll admire it!