Top 25 Blackberry Security Codes

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Your search for customizing the BlackBerry with Tweaks, Secret Codes and Hidden Keys is over! Many of these codes can be activated by pressing and holding the ALT key. Others however, don’t require the ALT key: to activate them you must type a combination of letters while you are in a certain menu. Note that there’s nothing magical about these secret codes. All they do is unlock menus or show stats that most people don’t know about and that can be useful in various contexts.
ALT Codes
To activate the following codes press and hold ALT:
  • ALT+CNFG – Settings for Enterprise Activation
  • ALT+VIEW Inside any Calendar item Show extra info for a Calendar event (including message ID – handy for BES log troubleshooting)
  • ALT+NMLL – This will change the display of the signal meter from bars to decibels. To get back the bars enter the code again.
  • ALT+LGLG – Displays the Java™ event log.
  • ALT+RBVS – When used while browsing a website it displays the source code of the page that appears on the screen. You’ll find this code especially useful if you’re a developer.
  • Alt+SHIFT+DEL – Resets the device without formatting. It’s basically a quick reboot. Since it doesn’t do a full reset to factory settings you can use this whenever your BlackBerry stops responding or simply gets stuck.
  • ALT+SMON – Use this to turn on the simulated WLAN wizard.
  • ALT+SMOF – Use this to turn off the simulated WLAN wizard.
  • ALT+LSHIFT+H – Useful whenever you need technical info about your device. You’re likely to need if you must ask for technical support.
  • ALT+VALD – Use it while you’re in the address book for validation.
  • ALT+RBLD – A code to rebuild the address book.
  • ALT+THMN – Use this code whenever you’re in the themes menu and would like to disable a theme.
  • ALT+THMD – When used in the theme menu this code makes the device revert to the default theme.
  • ALT+LEFTCAPS – Use this code whenever you wish to change the language on your device. It shows the language selection screen.
Message Box Codes
The following codes are typed in the message box and provide information about the user or the device.
  • LD – Type this for the local date to be displayed.
  • LT – Type this for the local time to be displayed.
  • MYPIN – Use this in order to make the PIN of your device appear on the screen.
  • MYSIQ – This will display information about the owner of the device (you!).
SIM Card Menu Codes
The next codes don’t require you to press and hold ALT. Just enter them when you’re in the SIM Card menu found under Options>Advanced.
  • MEP1 – This enables or disables SIM personalization.
  • MEP2 – Enter this to enable or disable network personalization.
  • MEP4 – Use this code whenever you want to turn on or off service provider personalization.
  • MEP5 – Works just like MEP4 but it enables or disables instead corporate personalization.
Extra Codes
  • BUYR – If you enter this code at the status screen voice and data usage will be displayed.
  • TEST – Use this code whenever you would like to quickly test your device. It will perform a full test. To work, it must only be entered when at the status screen.
  • LOLO – When used while you’re on the date or time screen this code makes the network date and time appear on the screen