Sony Ericsson F305 motion gaming phone,

Monday, August 29, 2011

When you’re a famous phone maker like Sony Ericsson, it becomes a little tough to keep your newest products under wraps. The new kid on the block is the Sony Ericsson F305 motion gaming phone, which features a built-in accelerometer for motion sensing games.
Sony Ericsson Gaming Phone Leaked
Other notable features include a 176 x 220 resolution, a Memory Stick Micro slot, and a specially designed directional pad and two face buttons specially located for gaming purposes. While we’re pretty sure that its not going to be the rumoured Playstation Portable Phone, it certainly can’t fare any worse than the Nokia N-gage can it? The button layout certainly lends itself to ergonomic gaming, and we could be looking at some NES/Gameboy Color emulators in the very near future. After all, who could say no to some portable Contra on the go