Sick of people laughing at it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sick of people laughing at it.
How they can lack in so much tact,
How they can lack in so much wit,
Remains, and also will, a question.
How people got over the shock so fast,
After all, its memories should always last.
I, however, have it engraved in my memory.
The seven amazing years, not even a bit blurry.
Since I can never stop reading Harry Potter.
Which made history when written by the brilliant author.
But I remain troubled by the thought,
Why people got over it so easily?
While I seek more and more?
For hours, over the books, I would pour.
But some people do not bother to even look.
When I turned to the final book’s last page,
My hands practically shook.
For I knew it was over, thus sorrow overcame rage.
The people who I had known for seven years,
So close friends, now replaced by tears.
As once said by the ancient Rowena Raven claw,
Wit beyond measure,
Is man’s greatest treasure.
So that is why I still wonder,
Why world made this great blunder?
To finish this amazing miracle,
Which once made the life of us fans, incredible.
Now made it ever so miserable.