Rakhi Sawant-Mika kiss- Scandal

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rakhi Sawant’s got a garland of chappals for Mikka

This is one controversy that refuses to become a distant memory even though it took place a good three months ago. Till today, the Rakhi Sawant-Mika kiss controversy rages on like a forest fire, with the latest spark being ignited by the so-called victim Rakhi Sawant herself. In what she calls her revenge against Mikka and the meet brothers, musicians Harmeet and Manmeet Gulzar, for their song Bhai Tune Pappi Kyon Li? Rakhi has decided to answer back with her version of the incident with the help of a song, complete with a music video starring herself and look-alike of Mika.
Rakhi sawant mika kiss
rakhi sawant mika kiss controversy
“Inth Ka Jawab Patthar se doongi, this song is my way of getting back to them,” she says. “I will soon be shooting the music video where I will be honouring Mika’s character with a garland of Chappals. I won’t rest until I shame that man.” But hadn’t the two made up recently? “yes, we did. Mika apologised to me on a recent TV show which I accepted. And then he goes and does this song. He truly is a sick person,” fumes Rakhi Sawant. “I don’t care if poeple see all this as a publicity stunt. If Mikka is planning to make money from the incident, then why should I be left behind?” Source: ‘Times Of India’