‘Metro sexual’ grooming make up

Friday, August 5, 2011

Metrosexual‘Metro sexual’ grooming is the new term being used to describe young men who want to look good. These guys are now using make-up in the form of concealer, self tanning lotions, bronzing gels and powders, tinted moisturizers and lip balms, to help create a healthy glow.

Metro sexual’ men are highlighting their hair and even painting their finger nails – mail models, football stars and screen actors, are not the only ones depending on men’s cosmetics to groom their face. Men from all backgrounds and professions are using light reflecting and concealing products to become ‘Metro sexual’.

It is known that British men currently spend over £50million a year on skin care and grooming, far more than other European men.
In the 18th century, rich gentlemen donned white face powder, blusher and beauty marks. This is not something new, men have been wearing make-up for centuries as ‘Metrosexual’. But as yet the market has not created a range of make-up, designed specifically for men.

67% of men under forty admit to moisturizing their skin regularly.

Men have become a lot more aware of their own personal care and image.

For the future the Manufacturers will be watching the divide between skin care and make-up and in all probability one will see more and more make-up for men appearing, running alongside the skin care ranges for men.