Introduction to the Internet

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is a computer network consisting of a worldwide network that connects individuals who are worlds apart. The network uses TCP/IP network protocol to enable data transmission from one central processing unit to another.
The value the internet has added to the society is the improved ease in communication over long distances. Internet has reduced the cost incurred in communication since, it is not expensive to communicate thorough emails and so forth. It has reduced cost involved in advertising of products and services, nowadays there are variety of websites that advertise their products and services over the internet. In the process people are able to purchase those services or products over the net this makes it easier for both the buyer and seller.
The internet connects individuals that are worlds apart through emails, online social websites and so forth. Whereby, they can communicate as if they are just next to each other. Internet makes it possible for people to share information educate the society through websites. People who want to pursue their studies as they work sometimes find it cumbersome to go for evening classes. The internet has changed that and people can study at home via internet and search for loads of different and informative stuff and it’s even good for them to browse for different stuff online and get more awareness that they can never get without getting interacted on internet.