The Geeky Tattoos

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last week, I sent a call out asking you guys to send in pictures of some of your geeky tattoos, and boy was I surprised by the volume of submissions I received (over 75!). Obviously, I can’t post all of these pictures, so I had to reject a few, but don’t worry, I plan doing a few other posts like this one in the near future. Ok, now to start things off, the tattoo you see above this paragraph is Miranda’s awesomely sexy Boba Fett tattoo. Never thought I’d say that a Boba Fett tattoo would look sexy, but this one indeed does!
Andrea‘s stormtrooper helmet among roses tattoo

Andrew’s Twilight Zone Tattoo
Joe – The Thing
Kat – A Sexy Twi’lek sitting in front of an Imperial Cog Background
Kourtney – N3RD L1F3
Jeff – Deadpool
Alicia – Harry Potter’s book publication dates, abbreviations, and movie release dates
Yep Linda, the cake is indeed a lie, and a very sexy one at that.
Joe – Tux squeezed inside an Apple Logo? :)
Anthony’s Atheist Tattoo
Rebecca – The Grim Squeaker (Discworld)
April – Mog from Final Fantasy IV
Donny’s Tri Force Tattoo
Raevyn, sporting a d20 tattoo with some rather dashing d10 dice earrings
Ed – Life is Twisted
Jessie – An Imperial Cog Sitting Inside Some Celtic Knotwork
Jessie’s Star Trek: TNG tattoo
David – The Drake Equation
Jed’s FreeBSD Tattoo
Justine – Adrenaline Molecule
Christian’s Wolverine Tattoo
Christian’s Joker Tattoo
Angela – Tolkien Logo
Nicolas – Death Eater / Dark Mark Tattoo
Melanie – Knit Purl!
Mellisa – It’s-a Luigi!
Mackenzie and Boyfriend – Super and 1-Up Mushrooms
Nancy – Nitroglycerin Molecule
Yume – Mew from Pokemon
Kevin – Si Vic Pacem Para Bellum (If you wish for peace, prepare for war)
Luke’s Geeky Tattoos
Tiina and her Lucky Number – Numeral and Phonetic
Don – You Can’t Take the Sky From Me
Lee’s Half Life 2 Tattoo
Sven’s Batman Bust Tattoo
Jeff – Serenity