Diamond engagement rings

Monday, May 16, 2011

Diamond engagemen rings
Diamond engagement rings are the most preferred choice in the market every single time. However as the celebrities choose more exotic gemstones, people tend to shift their interests as well. Even though you may see a lot of trends around you, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. If you want to propose to your special one, then picking out a well set diamond engagement ring is a wise choice. You can be ready to spring the question when the time is right. Today the market offers diamonds in a number of different cut, clarity, carat and design. Costs are also variable and it has become affordable for many people.
It is not easy for every man to know what his woman would love most in jewelry. In fact your choices may be completely opposite. If you want to find out the kind of jewelry your girlfriend would like, then take her out to pick something for your sister and check out what she likes in the process. There are so many ways to find out what her tastes are. This can also be a good opportunity to find out her exact ring size. If you put enough time and thought into it, she will love the ring as much as she loves everything about you.
Make sure you notice the kind of jewelry she wears. If she is not fond of gold, then look at rings in platinum. Figure out if it is the yellow gold that she does not like, you can easily choose something in white gold then. Does she like contemporary designs or wear more vintage looking rings. Art deco is also a style loved by many women. Make sure you put some effort into finding out her tastes in jewelry before you choose diamond engagement rings.
Diamond engagemen rings
Women are usually able to figure out before a guy is going to spring the question. You can figure out her jewelry styles if you pay attention to her hints. Pay close attention to any discussion about a friend’s engagement ring. Did she particularly dislike anything about it.  Not all women are enamored with diamonds alone. With the royal wedding just over, trends have changed a lot and women are going for sapphires and even rubies. You might want to also check out what is her favorite gemstone and get a custom ring done with both diamonds and other stones. You can get a single stone of large carat or multiple stones depending on her tastes for simple rings or something grand.