wedding ring

Thursday, April 14, 2011

wedding ring
When you are looking for a high quality engagement ring or a gift for your wife on your anniversary, the Fred Leighton ring is one thing that you shouldn’t ignore. The beautiful ring is known for its sparkle, design, construction and sheer charm, making it one of the most desirable objects that women can come across. A Fred Leighton ring is an expensive affair, but is ideal for a once in a lifetime occasion. That is also the reason why these rings are often seen in celebrity weddings, the most notable amongst them being Catherine Zeta-Jones, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez.
For those who are looking to enjoy the design but are worried about the price, there is the Fred Leighton inspired silver rings too.  The sterling silver cubic zirconia rings, weighing below 10 grams have been inspired by the Victorian antique patterns and come with 4 prong open settings. Some of the rings even have rhodium plating which gives the same look as that of platinum.
An original Fred Leighton ring would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars but the exquisite craft involved in the ring is what makes it well worth its value. In fact over the years some of these rings have been auctioned for huge amounts at Christie’s. One of the classic examples of a high priced Fred Leighton ring is the 14 carat pink diamond ring which was estimated at more than 10 – 12 million dollars. This stunning piece is testimony of the high value these classy designs hold and the reason why a lot of celebrities are ready to shell out so much money on them. It is also the reason, why even the Fred Leighton inspired models made of sterling silver, are so much in demand.
Fred Leighton’s collection is amongst the most precious and respected jewelry collections in the world. In fact, whether it is a ring or necklace, the designs are part of an important jewelry period, with influence of antique patterns. One can select the Art Deco style or the designs of the Court Jewels. The grandeur and majesty of the precious rings are also comprised of exotic treasures and the grace of Art Nouveau style. The rings also include the use of elegant pearls and some audacious designs that reflect opulence and great legacy. The Fred Leighton designed ring could be an incredible addition to your personal jewelry collection, especially if you are connoisseur of antique jewelry