Most precious stones in the world

Monday, April 4, 2011

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world. For centuries, diamond has been the symbol of status, for many and a part of heirloom that has been passed on from centuries. Diamonds are measured by carats and the bigger the stone is, the higher the carat value. A brilliant diamond ring of about as little as 10 carats is sure to draw gasps from the spectators. Just imagining a diamond of 100 carats sparkling on the finger is sure to set the pulse racing for many. Here are some of them that people assume is the biggest diamond ring in the world at a glance:

Cullinan is the world’s biggest diamond ever found till date and was over 3000 carats when found in South Africa. It was cut into two large diamond pieces and several smaller stones now distributed around the world. One of them has been set in a ring gifted to Sir Edward’s wife Alexandria.
Spirit of De Grisogono

The large cut piece of Cullinan I was the biggest polished diamond ever until the massive black diamond called the Spirit of De Grisogono was found in Africa and set in a breathtakingly beautiful ring. It is 312.24 carats and weighed 587 carats before it was cut to be set in the ring. The ring has the massive black diamond surrounded by 702 other smaller white diamonds to make it one of the world’s most exquisite diamond rings ever, and is currently the biggest diamond ring in the world.
Golden Eye

Golden eye is a beautiful yellow diamond measuring 43.5 carat making it the largest of its kind in the world. It is set in a beautiful ring, with a perfect cut.
Taylor-Burton Diamond

This diamond is truly one of its kinds and was purchased by the famous Richard Burton for his wife Elizabeth Taylor. It weighs a brilliant 68 carats and is cut in a beautiful pear shape. The diamond was a part of a necklace which then appeared as a ring on the famous here’s Lucy television series.
Graff Pink

This is another very rare diamond owned by Harry Winston who sold it to Laurence Graff of Graff jewelers at an auction in recent times. This is a rare pink in color and is nick named pink panther by many because of its color. Its diamond, mounted on a brilliant ring, weighed 24.78 carats when it was sold and is the property of Graff Diamonds.