Make Money Online with a Blog Spot Sub domain

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can you Make Money Online with a Blog Spot Sub domain?

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Make Money Online Lately, I have seen some people wondering around asking if they will be able to make money online with a free Sub domain/blog at blogspot or not?
Make Money Online, These people describe different reasons why they are considering getting a free site instead of buying their own domain and hosting.

Make Money Online

Some people simply do not want to invest any money to get their own site. They do not know if they can earn money from their site or not. So instead of investing any cash, they think about getting a free site to see if it produces any income or not. Make Money Online
Some people do own their hosting and domains but they want to shift their site to a free hosting service so that they can save some money. And there are many other reasons why people may want to get a free site…
The important thing is the question asked by some of these people. The question that can they make money online with a free blog/Subdomain at blogspot?
The answer lies in the fact that any site, no matter if it’s a free or paid site, can generate money as long as the site gets targeted traffic. The more [targeted] traffic a site gets, the more money will it generate.

Now can a free Subdomain of blogspot rank high in SERPs?

The answer is Yes. BlogSpot sites can rank as high as any other site.Make Money Online The real thing that matters is the quality of content and backlinks that the blog has [or the quality of content/backlinks that a site which is hosted anywhere else has]. Search engines will not rank a site low only because a site is a Subdomain or is a free blogspot blog.

Make Money Online

So you can make money with a blogspot blog: you just need to build a site with excellent content/services and SEs will send in targeted traffic which will then convert into money.
Make Money Online With all this said, one must know that many people prefer to have their own site instead of making a free site/Subdomain/free-blogspot-blog.

Make Money Online

These people have their reasons (Make Money Online) and I will talk about them in another post: but the thing to understand is that SEs do not give preference or neglection of any kind to a site if it’s a paid or free site/blog. You can Make Money Online as you want with free blogs as you can earn through paid ones