Queenie hody Jewelry launched

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Queenie hoy Jewelry has just been launched recently by the prominent socialite as well as fashion writer Queenie Dhody.  Her niche Mumbai store has been named Jewels by Queenie and has an exclusive range of earring, pendants, rings, bracelets, and necklaces etc.  There is a wide range of uncut or polka rubies, sapphires, and emeralds that are set in yellow gold and 18 carat gold.
The Queenie Dhody Jewelry collection is a mix of both contemporary as well as antique jewelry.  There are a wide range of intricately woven designs and styles to suit every need.  The craftsmanship is unique and can be seen in some of the exclusive pieces.  There is a pair of unfurled rose earrings that are intricately crafted and have a ring to match made in beaten gold.  The petals with intricate designs of clustered diamonds are eye catching because of the detailed craftsmanship.
The in things seem to be the yellow and white 18 carat gold.  Diamonds look best when they are set in beaten yellow gold as they look trendy and smart.  The stones are generally pressure set in 18 carat gold as it is far simpler.
Queenie Dhody Jewelry line is quite well known since 1989 but the professional designing began about 6 years ago.  Customers who buy the jewelry from the Queenie Dhody Jewelry line will also benefit by getting a few tips from the designer herself on how to match her jewelry with the right outfits.  Customers will also be put onto the right designers to match costumes based on the jewelry they choose.
The passion for designing her own jewelry was always there and hence Queenie Dhody made the commercial venture after taking a few courses in designing jewelry.  She was in fact the first one to even think of designing jewelry with uncut diamonds or polki earrings.  She started by designing jewelry for herself before foraying into the commercial ventures.  Her beaten gold bracelet with a vertical clasp set in sand grain diamonds are a favorite.
The three things that seem to be evident in her jewelry are timelessness, style, and bling.  The big noticeable jewelry seems to be the flavor of the season.  Translucent shimmering stones are also the in things but this season will see more of earthy tones.  Emeralds, rubies, and diamonds are never out of fashion.