Philips Brilliance 226CL2 monitor

Friday, February 11, 2011

The new Philips Brilliance 226CL2 monitor is an ideal choice for most areas: the office and therefore from a purely professional context of the house, maybe in the room accompanied by a multimedia sound system attitude.

It's just great flexibility of the new device, accompanied by a sheet of excellent quality, which makes it more attractive to buy. The new monitor features a slim 21.5-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio and supports Full HD 1080p resolution (1,920 × 1,080 pixels), but most importantly it is a chip with its Smart Response time of 2ms, which makes it ideal to play well as for video editing. With a contrast from 20,000,000:1, the LCD flat display reproduces vivid colors and deep blacks, the Energy Star certification lowers consumption to a minimum. And we think of recycling, it's completely eco-friendly and at the end of life can be reused in its entirety at 100 percent.

Philips Brilliance 226CL2 pays no attention to frills, with its LED backlight is very thin and can be found on the desks home occupying a small slice of space, so why put the pins better "occupy" space since the orientation is not convenient. Made of plastic blacks point to a stylish glossy coat that is afraid fingerprints. On the back here are the VGA and DVI plus power. Given the extreme subtlety is needed to power notebook style.

Performance - The perception of observing a higher resolution than the competition-peer measure is not just a feeling. The dot pitch down to 0.248 mm allowing you to view the smallest detail. For this 226CL2 may be worth more than a 23 "with bright colors and optimal brightness for reading. In SmartImage is simple with the preset for photos, movies, office, games or saving. Convenient OSD (like on MMD) to infinity in the central part of the frame, the scent of modern and immediate.

Monitor Philips Brilliance 226CL2 you can buy at a price of 219 euro, in our personal opinion is money well spent. Read all our reviews here.