Nokia C7 Original Touchscreen Mobile Phone

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nokia’s attempt to return to the top of the stack began smartphone with the Symbian N8 ^ 3-touting, which in terms of equipment, it is a very impressive unit. If you are looking for something a little cheaper, if C7, the smallest perhaps because of your street. Available for around £ 280 SIM free, or free on £ 25pm contracts, most networks are the store if you buy a decent number of choices.
Nokia C7
As with the N8, C7 sees a return to form of Nokia in terms of hardware design and quality construction. The main chassis is plastic but it is solid and has a nice matte finish, while a metal plate provides a particularly affect premium. Under the plate there is a microSD slot to add up to 32 GB of storage for the 8GB already on board. You, however, necessary to remove the battery to access it.
Android phones such as HTC and Orange Wildfire San Francisco have muscled into the territory of mid-range Nokia vital, and that was a real pain in the proverbial for Nokia.
As the slider screen lock is not the easiest thing to use, it is also now need to press the menu button on the front allows you to unlock the screen, while pressing the power button on top allows you to lock it. This is a small referral but we tend not to like having buttons that are a bit superfluous.
Our other complaint is the use of original Nokia charging socket property, located on the left edge. What’s weirder is that there is even a micro USB plug (supposedly the norm now for the load) on top, but only for data transfer and does not charge the phone.
The facade is decorated with a glass touch screen quality which, again, what really makes feel like a high-end device. We are not so interested in the silver finish – especially the brilliant sections absently around the screen – but the dark gray version seems especially attractive and there is also an option champagne.
At 130g, the C7 is a fairly heavy phone, but the dimensions of 117.3 x 56.8 x 10.5 mm that it is not too large – and is actually very thin. The soft curves of its design too, it is very comfortable to hold, though tad slippery