Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Limited Edition Watch

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Linear time sounds a lot like what time actually is (even though a few rogue physicists and/or time machine building hopefuls might disagree with you). Though that is exactly how this Urwerk UC-CC1 King Cobra watch displays the hours, minutes, and to a lesser degree, the seconds. This might be the perfect watch for regular computer users as telling the time looks a lot like the progress bar on a slow processing application.

Set as a limited edition in two materials, the UR-CC1 watch is an horological technical achievement reserved as a spectacle for most people, and as a new piece to their collection for just a few. With 25 pieces in 18k gray gold and another 25 pieces in 18k black gold (yea - makes no practical sense, I know), the limited edition King Cobra adds a new flavor the already creative and high technical looking luxury watch line by the famous boutique Swiss brand.

The case is over 47mm tall and just over 43mm wide. Two sapphire crystal covered crystals make up the face of the watch showing the seconds in the upper window and the minutes and hours below. The seconds display is actually one large disc with a spiral and with Arabic numerals around the edge. The user can read the seconds via a small window as the numbers (every other seconds) sweep by, or via the spiral that appears to progress in
a linear manner along the gauge. All indicators on the watch are retrograde, meaning that they instantly jump back to the "0" position after they extend all the way

While luxuriously crafted in high grade materials (gold, titanium and others in each watch), the watch style is instrumental and "effective looking." Urwerk points to design influences as a late 1950s Patek Philippe concept watch displaying linear time, as well as the dashboards of older cars with similarly designed instrument gauges. These are not exactly the sexy subjects of most other $100,000 plus timepieces but for the right 50 people the story and look of the watch will easily match Urwerk's technical prowess and level of refinement.