Dual sim iPhone

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dual sim iPhone 4 has been much in demand these days. This phone makes use of two sim cases and you can use it simultaneously. So, you are away from any hassle that may be involved of having one phone and then activating one number at a time. Market has been full of dual sim phones these days, but Apple iPhone 4 has come up with all its features and everything within same phone. You can use it for both of your numbers.

iPhone 4 sim case
USB fever has come up with one of the quirky looking iPhone 4 sim cases and that has one of the great features involved with it in comparison to any other cases. All other cases lack this feature, which is a dual card sim slot. The price for this kind of case is just $30 and you get good room for the additional sim and a dual sim adapter. You can easily toggle between the two Sims when you have your pggy back sim cards attached. In this dual sim iPhone 4 case, you are using both sim simultaneously. In any other phone, there may be some time required to switch over from one sim to other and then some time is required to search for the network. There may be a signal that “no sim card installed” instruction. It soon disappears the moment you get the network in your phone.
iPhone 4 case
There are so many iPhone 4 cases in market. You can get one for your own phone. You need to look for some of the points when you start looking for some of the iPhone 4 cases. Apple Bumper is one of the reigning iPhone 4 cases that are ruling these days. There are so many places where you can shop for these iPhone 4 cases. Many designer and exciting cases are being available for all the dual sim iPhone 4. You must choose out an iPhone 4 cases after having read their reviews.
Dual sim cards have become a necessary thing in today’s life. There are so many phones that have been available to you. But now, you get the dual sim facility even in iPhones. So you have the flexibility to switch over with the two Sims and just put it in back of the phone. Even if you have an iPhone 4, you can easily mod it in creating a dual sim iPhone 4 with same features involved in to it.
Dual Sim iPhone adapter
It takes some time to change from one card to another. There are dual sim iPhone 4 adapter available to you in market. You can get these adapters from so many sites available. But before buying it, you need to place your own consent by checking through all the reviews attached with the site. This way, you have dual sim iPhone 4 that can be easily factory unlocked and hacked with the sim. Now, there is no need to cut down the sim cards.