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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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Wireless Broadband Systems - antonis hontzeas
Today’s mobile broadband communication which allows a mobile phone to seamlessly surf the internet, upload and download files rapidly – at about 14 Mbps with HSPA - and adequately support multimedia and gaming applications relies chiefly on a technology known as 3G, or UMTS. 3G itself is based on the popular GSM system which has become the world standard as far as cellular based mobile communication is concerned. Indeed, as of September 2009 the GSM family of technologies reached nearly 4 billion subscriptions worldwide or 89.5 percent share of market with service on 860 networks in 220 countries.
3G is the first step in transforming the narrowband GSM based cellular system to a full ip based edge to edge broadband wireless system. 3G is a hybrid system supporting voice communication through the circuit switched network and data communication through the data network.