robot is different from previous models

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Tokyo, has been demonstrated Pearl white robot Twendy-One, named in honor of the XXI century. The growth of the robot - 1,5 meters, and weight - 111 kilograms. The development of the Japanese designers have spent seven years and several million dollars.

The robot is different from previous models that he has soft hands and fingers, are strong enough to support people when it arises. Twendy-One is also very flexible and responsive to human touch. This sophisticated system allows the integration of the robot imitate to some extent its creators. As a demonstration of its capabilities, Twendy-One helped the man get out of bed, friendly and talked with him deftly helped cook a breakfast, as demonstrated in the photographs shown below. It was expected that by 2015 robot Twendy-One will be on sale and will be able to take a previously very human profession, such as secretaries, nurses, nannies and others. Estimated price is $ 200000.