Google Wave developer preview at google

Monday, June 14, 2010

Google has unveiled its new tool, Wave, a little surprise. Yet the proponents of this project will ensure that Wave “to make obsolete all the tools of communication.” Explanations. Wave’s ambition is great: it is in fact an online messaging “improved”, ie functions with well-known but also new. The Wave of Google is to centralize under a single interface manager for discussion and a loigiciel sharing of content (documents, applications, multimedia …). Obviously, Wave will be greatly boosted by the other services developed by the U.S. firm (Google Maps, Google Earth …), all in an effort to establish a sort of central station where the user has all the tools of communication network provision.

But the great strength of this project is that it be developed as open source, and can therefore be enhanced by users themselves. website gives further details about the technical operation of the structure. Meanwhile, we note that Google wants Wave allowing everyone to customize and expand as needed platform availability. In short, Google is banking on a collaborative, social and extensible, with tools that build on current work on the web (Twitter, Facebook …).

However, to judge the quality of services and real opportunities offered by Wave, it will be that users take the platform under control! It should be possible before the end of the year, non-official source. Not to worry, you can (re) discover a presentation on Google Video Wave of Google I / O 2009 Keynote.